Maximum number of prospectors?


I am in a situation where I need to define over 60 prospectors . According to the document maximum number of prospectors is not mentioned.

Is this number realistic ? Also, is there any os resource I will need to aware of when defining this amount of prospectors? Number of file descriptors per prospector will be somewhere between 1-10.

Filebeat version will be 5.4.0.

There is no hard limit. The main thing you should be concerned about is the ulimit (open file handlers), but this applies to overall filebeat not per prospector. If you have one prospector with 60 files or 6 prospector with 10 files each does not matter.

Do you have 600 files updated constantly or this is only the files its watching and subset is open at the same time? In general this should not be an issue.


Thanks for the quick reply as always.

Subset is open at the same time. So , if there will be 1 open file and back logs are not updated.

No worries then :slight_smile:

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