May I host another webpage on the same Kibana Machine?

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Hi Kibana Experts,

I got one requirement . I have Kibana on one machine and I want to use one MarkDown Widget . In this widget I want to provide a link which will open another custom made plain HTML Page which I want to place on the same machine . Can someone please guide me if this can be achieved .I am using LINUX Ubuntu .


(Spencer Alger) #2

The Markdown panel can't render external HTML, you'll need a Kibana plugin to do something like that. What are you hoping to achieve? There might be a simpler way to accomplish it.

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Thanks for the Reply ,

Actually my operation team sent an advisory via email to different users . They want to see same advisory on Kibana page . So I was thinking to create my own page which will appear the same as email format then I will provide the link in the markdown widget . So user will click on the advisory link and page will display .

This advisory can be released twice a month or once in 2 month .


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