Meaning of topbeat fields

I am using topbeat to feed metrics to the server, however, I do not quite understand the meaning of those fields after reading the documentation.

  1. For load.load1, it states that it is the number of jobs in run queue per minute. Does that mean the amount of application waiting in queue to be processed? And does that somehow reflect the latency?

  2. For monitoring general CPU, DISK and memory (does it refers to RAM? ) usage, should I just take the field cpu.user_p, fs.used_p and mem,acxtual_used_p?

  3. For response time, it states that it is the wall clock time it took to complete the transaction. What kind of transaction does it refers to?

Please see my answers below:

  1. yes, that's right andload can be used as an indicator for latency.
  2. Yes, you can use the percentages as they give you a more user friendly value (cpu.user_p is the CPU usage in user space in percentages)
  3. a transaction consists of a request and a response. The response time is the interval between the time when the response was seen and the time when the request was seen.

Thanks for your reply. It helps explain a lot.
Does response time equals to latency or there is calculation for latency?
Because when I use the sample dashboard for topbeat, I saw that there is a latency diagram showing response time as X-axis in Kibana and does it calculate only between the server and the client or also between client an client?

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