Measuring planned downtime of a service

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We use Kibana 7.8 to measure the uptime of a windows service. We can calculate the percentage as well as the number of hours a windows service has been up or down. But when such a service is shut down we are not able to differentiate whether the shut down was planned or unplanned. We'd like to exclude the planned downtime while calculating the uptime percentages. I am not sure if it is possible to differentiate this in Kibana. Any help is this direction appreciated!


How are you doing the calculations at the moment?

Metricbeat set to send data at 20sec frequency. Added a field in metricbeat config like "windows_service_State_number" that will send a 1 if the service is up and 0 if it is down. Over a period of time if we take all this data and sum them, we get the numerator x and a count of all the data will form the denominator y. x/y will give the % of uptime for the service. E.g. for a 10 minute period we'll have y = 30. If the service was up for 9 minutes then we'll get x = 27. So uptime is 27/30. We don't worry if a service goes down and comes up within a period less than 20sec.

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