Memory leakage of Vega visualization when refreshing data


I created a dashboard with my Vega visualizations that display the latest data.

It's kind of real-time monitoring dashboard so I have to refresh every certain period.

When it refreshes every 10 seconds, the heap size of browser increases every 10 seconds so the browser get killed finally.

I found that the memory increases only with Vega visualizations, so I think Kibana doesn't dispose Vega visualizations.

It's very critical issue for me. I have to do my job with Vega.

Is there any idea to prevent the memory leakage?


Could you provide some details about your installation, which Kibana version are you using, which browser. Is it a specific Vega visualization that causes the problem, or a general problem (think you answered it already, it's a general, right)?
thx & Best,

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