Memory Lock Setting Fails Bootstrap ES 6.1.1


I am having issues getting 'bootstrap.memory_lock: true' working with an ES version 6.1.1 cluster.
[2018-01-30T15:52:39,313][WARN ][o.e.b.JNANatives ] Unable to lock JVM Memory: error=12, reason=Cannot allocate memory [2018-01-30T15:52:39,317][WARN ][o.e.b.JNANatives ] This can result in part of the JVM being swapped out. [2018-01-30T15:52:39,318][WARN ][o.e.b.JNANatives ] Increase RLIMIT_MEMLOCK, soft limit: 4294967296, hard limit: 4294967296 [2018-01-30T15:52:39,318][WARN ][o.e.b.JNANatives ] These can be adjusted by modifying /etc/security/limits.conf, for example: # allow user 'elasticsearch' mlockall elasticsearch soft memlock unlimited elasticsearch hard memlock unlimited

I have those settings in my limits.conf file. Also, my environment has multiple clusters on each node. This particular server has pre-version 5.x clusters that have mlock configured and it works fine for them.

Any help would be appreciated.



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