Memory Pressure Getting Very High Very Quickly Due to Potentially Expensive Query


I'm running into a problem where memory pressure is getting very high very quickly when I make ES calls using a query with a lot of excludes. It seems to work fine for certain values of elastic_tag_subdomain but for others the JVM pressure explodes. My suspicion is that it's the query because I changed our basic query with the one below and the memory pressure problems started.

The query is below and there could be hundreds of properties in _source.excludes

GET transactions/_search?filter_path=_scroll_id,hits.hits._source&scroll=1m&size=10
  "_source": {
    "excludes": [ "attributes.a", "attributes.b", "attributes.c", "attributes.d", "attributes.e"]
  "query": {
    "bool": {
      "filter": [
        {"term": {"elastic_tag_subdomain": "some_company"}},
        {"term": {"elastic_tag_module": "order"}},
        {"term": {"attributes.order_category": "Regular"}}

I'm wondering if this is normal or not and if anyone has ideas on how to handle this.

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