Memory, storage and CPU requirements depending on node roles


Has anyone any intuition about what are the memory, storage and CPU requirements depending on node roles ?

Is the following intuition right ?

  • Coordinating nodes : high CPU, low memory
  • Master-only nodes : high CPU, medium memory
  • Ingest nodes : high CPU, low memory
  • Data nodes (hot) : low CPU, high memory, high-speed storage
  • Data nodes (warm) : low CPU, medium memory, lower-speed storage

Thank you

Dedicated master nodes should not serve traffic so usually low CPU and low memory. Data nodes do most of the work in the cluster so need the most resources. Hot data nodes need high CPU, fast storage and often high memory. Warm data nodes can do with slower storage but need medium CPU. The amount if memory depends on how much data they hold and how heavy this is queried, so it is common to have lots or memory on these nodes to allow them to hold lots of data. Other node types depend a lot on how much work they will be doing, so the size will depend on the size of the rest of the cluster.

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Thank you very much Christian, if my coordinating node is the one exposed, I guess I should favor CPU for them.

However, does my coordinating node need rather high memory to handle queries (both ingestion and search queries) or it only needs CPU ?

That will depend on the expected load, which I know nothing about.

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