Merge 2 index based off fields and not rows

Hi ES team,

I'm looking to merge 2 index's based off unique ID which is same across both the index and the desired index should look like,

Index 1
ID, Email, Fax

Index 2
ID, Email, Fax

Now the merged Index should be,
Index 3
ID, Index1_Email, Index2_Email, Index1_Fax, Index2_ Fax

Hence the merge has taken place by field and not rows.

Appreciate your input's.

you can do this via python.
how big your index1 and index2 (how many records?)

use elasticsearch_dsl to scan ID create new record and push that to ELK.

Have a look at transforms, you can source both indexes, use a pivot, group on terms using the field id. For the output fields you have several options (just ideas, not verified):

  • a filter aggregation and top_metrics as sub aggregation
  • top_metrics on top, sort by _index ascending for index 1, descending to get index 2
  • scripted_metric

You find further information in older posts: How to join two index - #3 by Hendrik_Muhs

Note however that these posts are old and e.g. top_metrics has been added just recently. I talk about top_metrics in a recent advent post: Dec 11th, 2021: [en] On a road trip with Transform

Thanks @Hendrik_Muhs ,

But the issue I seem to be stuck with an error as shown below.

Appreciate your help on the same.

Your call does not look correct to me, can you delete the id from the body and don't use the underscore in the path?

PUT _transform/index_merge

The id (index_merge) must be specified as part of the path. You can specify it in the body, too, but than they must match. Leading underscores are not allowed.

Hi @Hendrik_Muhs , not sure if still I'm missing something.


Can you provide the version and environment you are using? It seems like you are either using a version that does not provide transform or you lack permissions.

@Hendrik_Muhs , I'm using version 7.10.2.

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