Message field - How become a valid field?

Hi Team!
We have a custom App and are trying define some Log Pattern based on some custom messages. At our Demo App where we type and submit any kind of test message, Filebeat outputs to ES and message appears at message field.
However, when I try create some Visualization and use the "message" field over Terms, is not available.

What Can I do to have the message string show up as a valid field to create Visualizations on Kibana?

I have explored the following link, but not sure what condition or parameter to best achieve this goal.

We are testing this at Openshift 4.x ( OCP on-preminse ) and deploying filebeat as daemonset.

Example of custom messages a Application can generate.
"App01 - WebServer is starting"
"App01 - WebServer is up and running"
"App01 - WebServer is scaling 2 pods"
"App02 - Database is will be restarted in 5 minutes"
"App02 - Database is up and running"
"App02 - Database is refreshing tables"

Here more information about steps used.
Here the filebeat-kubernetes.yaml

The message field is an analyzed text field. If you want to do aggregations on the field then you should copy the data over to a different field that will be a keyword data type. keyword fields are supported in aggregations.

Based on those samples I'd recommend to use the dissect processor to split it up. It looks like the first part is a and the second part could be a service.status. As an example:

- dissect:
    tokenizer: "%{} - %{service.status}"
    field: "message"
    target_prefix: ""

FYI...liked this example because it's simple and illustrates dissect really well. I've added it to the documentation:

Many thanks Andrew! It was very didactic!
To start I have used the copy_fields. Next step will check how App. Owner wish define it Pattern Log. Again very appreciated your help! Mauricio

- add_cloud_metadata:
- add_host_metadata:
- add_kubernetes_metadata:
- copy_fields:
- from: message
to: event.sms
fail_on_error: false
ignore_missing: true
message: "SMS"

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