Meticbeat can not collect all metric for MSSQL perfomance counter

Elasticsearch Version : 8.0.0
Kbana Version : 8.0.0
Metricbeat Version : 8.0.0
MSSQL version : Micvrosoft SQL Server 2017

in documentaion,
metricbeat can collect 16 metric for performance counter

i can get only 6 metric(even buffer.cache_hit, buffer.page_life_expectancy is null)

2022-09-06 14 52 47

is there any solution?


could i get collecting logic MSSQL perfomance counter ? (i couldn't find source at github)


Hi @sondog ,

Can you please paste the output of the below SQL query for MSSQL server:

SELECT * FROM sys.dm_os_performance_counters WHERE counter_name = 'Page life expectancy' AND  object_name like '%Buffer Manager%'"

Thank you

Hello, @Manoj_S_Shetty

Thank you

Hi @Manoj_S_Shetty,

Could i know SQL query collects each metric?

mssql.performance.buffer.page_life_expectancy.sec (metricbeat field)
SELECT cntr-value FROM sys.dm_os_performance_counters WHERE counter_name = 'Page life expectancy' (MSSQL SQL Query)

please let me know about collecting file path in github

thank you

@sondog Can we see your mssql config yaml file ?

Path: beats/performance.go at main · elastic/beats · GitHub

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