Metric Beat and Packet Beat Clarification

Hi All,

  1. I want to monitor JVM metrics using metric beat.Can I do that using some filter in process.
    if any one has done that please share the sample .

2)Using Packet beat , I want to capture traffic running with SCTP protocol. I could see the default list doesn't contains TCP protocol itself.Please clarify me.


  1. If you want to get the JVMs internal metrics, you will need to use Jolokia+metricbeat. If all you need is CPU and memory usage, you can use metricbeat.

  2. SCTP is indeed not supporter by packetbeat. As packetbeat normally parses the application layer protocols I wonder which actual protocol/application you want to monitor.

Thanks for the response for JVM metrics. I will try on that combination.

Regarding (2) point , I want diameter protocol packets needs to be capture which is application layer protocol. Additionally ,I also want SCTP and TCP which is a transport layer protocol .We need to monitor the traffic passes through our network .Whether packetbeat will help for Diameter protocol ? If yes ,please share the steps to be followed .If not ,any other module you can suggest. Similarly for SCTP and TCP whether packet beat will be helpful? if not please suggestany other module

Diameter Protocol is not supporter by packetbeat. For TCP based connection you still can get flows from from packetbeat. But no SCTP, as SCTP is not supported as well.

There are a few open source solutions to collect flow information. But as SCTP is mostly used for telephony networks only, I have no idea which ones support SCTP.

Diameter with it's different interface types and supporting stateless and stateful connections is even more of a niche protocol. I'm not aware of Open Source tools (besides wireshark) supporting.

Maybe you want to have a look at nDPI. I think this one at least supports SCTP

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