Monitor Mbp/s and MBp/s


I tried the search function but couldn't find anything.

Perhaps I overlooked some configuration, but is it possible with Packetbeat to monitor the MegaByte per second and Mbit per second of a network interface?


Hi, @Kevin_Csuka
Packetbeat doesn't provide such feature, and Packetbeat intend to monitor the protocols inside the wire data, if you want to monitor the performance of the network, i think you can try to use Metricbeat, what you think?

Right, raw stats from OS are normally handled by metricbeat. See network metrics.

Metric beat is only available for the Alpha version. If possible, I want the metrics in an ELK Production environment.
Is it not possible with any beat version 1.x?

not aware of any beat in 1.x doing network stats.

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