Metricbeat Apache module fields scoreboard documentation

Hi Team,

We have recently enabled Metricbeat apache module and started creating Kibana dashboards.

Here, I will need detailed documentation related scoreboard fields.

I have referred to the documentation of Apache exported fields (Apache fields | Metricbeat Reference [7.13] | Elastic) but its not a detailed one. i.e what is the purpose of each scoreboard metric .
Are there any other links available to refer the detailed documentation? Kindly suggest.

Thank you!

@VinodKumarPotta Everything under apache.status.scoreboard.* is a scrape of the current status of the Apache scoreboard at the moment the sample was taken. If you search the web for a detailed explanation of the scoreboard metrics you won't find much more than what we have listed in our documentation.

The score board metrics represent the state of the child processes. This page (Understanding the Apache scoreboard – cPanel) give some insight in to what each of the fields mean with regards to the child processes.

No entiendo de qué se trata. Metricbeat Apache module fields scoreboard documentation

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