Metricbeat cannot monitor network io?

Hi I want to monitor my network traffic ( Recived / Sent data per seconds) .

like the windows network traffic . sent 152k/s recived 8k/s .

but the network dashboard . out243.774m/30s in 166.448m/30s

may be (out_bytes2 -out_bytes1)/30s ? like (267.722Mb - 267.698Mb)*1024/30s=
0.8192k/s ?

in the source code ,network/network.go#L85-L99 and it's dependent net/net_windows.go#L49-L50 .

i don't know how to monitor my network traffic(Kbps)

i need help.thanks.

I think what you are looking for are the derivatives of the total byes in and out (which you have above). Best use Timelion to add a such a visualisation to your dashboard:

Thanks for the reply @ruflin . i'll try it.

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