Metricbeat Ceph stats collection breaks for Ceph Mimic release

(Jonathan Rosser) #1

Metricbeat's Ceph module queries the API provided by ceph-rest-api, a command-line tool provided with Ceph versions up to Luminous. This is documented here:

This was deprecated under Luminous and has been removed completely from the latest Ceph release, Mimic. (See "Notable Changes" on this page: )

The replacement is the more comprehensive and more secure Restful plugin for the ceph-mgr service. This is documented here:

This uses HTTPS and requires authentication by the client: see

It would be great if MetricBeat understood the new Ceph API for collecting stats.

(Pier-Hugues Pellerin) #2

@jrosser Thanks for the excellent report! I took the liberty to create an issue with the same content on our tracker.

(system) #3

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