Metricbeat data size


we have setup metricbeat to collect the data from various VMs in our system and we have noticed that metricbeat data size vary significantly accross our VMs. This came as a bit of surprise to us since metricbeat configuration is the same accross our VMs so we expected to see similar metricbeat data size daily for each VM. But, daily metricbeat data size would vary significantly from 200MB to 1Gb of metricbeat data per VM and per day.
Any idea what could be the cause that our metricbeat data vary significantly in size for daily metricbeat data?

Here is the list of configured modules in metricbeat.yml:

cat metricbeat.yml

#========================== Modules configuration ============================

#------------------------------- System Module -------------------------------

  • module: system
    • cpu
    • filesystem
    • fsstat
    • load
    • memory
    • network
    • process
    • process_summary
    • uptime
    • core
    • diskio
      enabled: true
      period: 10s
      processes: ['.*']
      process.include_cpu_ticks: false

Would appreciate any ideas.


How are you calculating data size across the VMs?

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