Metricbeat in Virtual machine gives huge network traffic


Recently I installed metricbeat on my servers and use a grafana multy metrics dashboard to show stats. Quite catchy, however the results were shocking. The network out traffic appeared to be near 2 TB/s . Quite a lot for a virtual machine. This number indeed turns out to be the value in the index, so I suppose metricbeat is digging up these numbers.

Can it be it reports the traffic of the host, rather than just it's own virtual machine? If so, Is there a way to have metricbeat give just metrics for this specific server?

OS: RHEL 6.10
Metricbeat is version 6.8.2

config is quite standard.
So is fields.yml. Unfortunately I cannot find a way to attach files here? So I did not paste the enitre file, but if needed please say so.


Hi @Tuckson :slightly_smiling_face:

Please, paste your fields.yml, just use markdown syntax. It's important to see config and modules activated.

I don't find any reason why metricbeat must be sending so much data to ES. For the Metricbeat client, a VM should not have any difference with just a host.

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