Metricbeat on 200 PCs

With default settings (like sending data every 10s), 200 PCs with Metricbeat, how much data is going to be sent and how many GBs per day do you think will be collected? Will my network traffic become slow since a lot of data is constantly being sent?

What modules will you be using?

Just system modules, default metricbeat on Windows.

Have you ever seen metricbeat on that many PCs? Is it being done? I feel it's just too much data being sent.

Whereas a normal RMM software let's say, keep data locally and only send the data when requested by the master server.

Hi @lamp123432

We have customers / users with 1000s to 10s of thousands of hosts being monitored with metricbeat.

Of course tuning what you want to collect and the collection period will affect the amount of traffic and storage.

As a complete SWAG with just the defaults metricbeat might send about 40 - 50 MB / day per host so for 200 hosts that is about 8GB - 10 GB / day total over the course of 24 hours. If 8 - 10 GB / day over 24hours could cause issues with your network then yes, but that is a pretty small amount for most corporate networks.

I suggest you put it on 5-10 host, tune how you like and then calculate the storage / network.


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