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long time no see, but now I have an issue again on production. (does not occur on other stages).

First I noticed, that metricbeat (5.2.1) was not gathering process data any longer. Running on Windows 2012 R1 x64 as service.

Then I wanted to restart the metricbeat service, but it does not start.
even running it locally to get the usage does not work. (metricbeat --help). Command line stays stuck with no output.

Adding -d "*" does not change anything. No output

Also tired with 5.4.0, same issue.

Last time the issue occured it vanished after rebooting the windows machine - but thats problematic on production :wink:


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If you can't get metricbeat.exe -h to output the help then I would check the integrity of the binary. Let's solve that issue first before picking up the issue about process metrics stopping.

A sha1 of the zip package is published on the web page for you to check the integrity of the download.

PS C:\Users\vagrant\Downloads> Get-FileHash -Algorithm sha1 .\

Algorithm       Hash                                                                   Path
---------       ----                                                                   ----
SHA1            D864A4A3C554731022D096AD97C60C0F3EA887D9                               C:\Users\vagrant\Downloads\me...

You can compare a hash of your metricbeat.exe with the one I have below.

PS C:\Users\vagrant\Downloads> 7z.exe x .\
PS C:\Users\vagrant\Downloads> Get-FileHash -Algorithm sha1 .\metricbeat-5.4.0-windows-x86_64\metricbeat.exe

Algorithm       Hash                                                                   Path
---------       ----                                                                   ----
SHA1            14553BC49FE92C3F300365D4087E85D8633E084A                               C:\Users\vagrant\Downloads\me...


Integrity must be ok, because the same file works on other systems.
And I have same issues with the metricbeat which worked before. But I can check the hash.


its identical

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So what happens when you run:

PS C:\Program Files\Metricbeat> .\metricbeat.exe -h

Does it hang? Or exit immediately (if so, what's the exit code)?

If it outputs the usage info, then what does this give?

PS C:\Program Files\Metricbeat> .\metricbeat -e -d "*" -c metricbeat.yml -configtest


both commands are hanging until i aboart with CTRL+C

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