Metricbeat extreme memory usage

I'm getting serius metricbeat memory spikes.
i'm currently using metricbeat 7.11 in my server

as we can see in the next screenshot the memory usage is just to high. i din't found any error log in the service , i'm not quiet sure if it is related to my antivirus or could be something else. Thanks for the help in advance

Hi @Francisco_Gomez1,

This doesn't look good, but it is known that some modules can consume a lot of memory. What modules are you using?

You also mention memory spikes, does it mean that this memory usage is sporadic, or is metricbeat constantly using so much memory?

Something else that can help to identify the issue is to obtain a memory profile, you can obtain it restarting metricbeat with the -httpprof= flag, and downloading it from http://localhost:6060/debug/pprof/heap.

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