Metricbeat Host Metadata on Kubernetes

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Hi everyone,

I am currently working with Metricbeat in order to monitor Kubernetes. I'm using Metricbeat manifest from Beats Github (Link).

I am testing a new feature called host metadata . If I use this new feature, Metricbeat sends information from the container. I would like to know if there is any possibility to send information from the node itself, instead of the container.

Thanks in advance :vulcan_salute: ,


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Hi @RdrgPorto,

Metricbeat uses network related calls to retrieve this info. I'm wondering, did you disable hostNetwork: true from the manifest? That should make the container to pick net info from the host. I haven't tested this though...


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Hi, @exekias

Regarding to retrieve network information, it is fine. However, my doubt is about host info (, host.os.platform, and so on). My Kubernetes is on Ubuntu 16.04.

Here you are some screenshots:

With hostNetwork: false


With hostNetwork: true

Is it possible to get information from host ?

Thanks in advance :vulcan_salute:,


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