MetricBeat - how to define Elasticsearch JVM metrics

Hello to everyone.
I want to know how to define Elasticsearch JVM heap usage in percentage and number of garbage collectors per some period of time.
I have already configure Elasticsearch module for Metricbeat and saw these fields but right know don't understand how to get such information from them...

You need to use the Elasticsearch module of Metricbeat. This documentation contains an example configuration:

Please share your config, if you have problems with using the module.

I have set my configuration. Everything is working and I gather metrics but I don't know how to calculate fields heap usage in percentage and number of garbage collectors per some period of time for displaying grafics on Kibana/Grafana. To be more exactly, it's not a fields but meanings which I want to get from fields -

Sorry, I though you had problems with Metricbeat.

Unfortunately, right now Elasticsearch module does not contain enough info to calculate these values.

elasticsearch.node.stats.jvm.mem.pools.young.used.bytes - as I understood, it's used bytes (in young gen) by memory pool but not by memory heap. Pool is a part of heap.
Am I right?

I think the raw json output from the elasticsearch endpoint explains it best. Here you can find it:

We plan to add more values to the Elasticsearch metricsets in the near future.

Thanks. Please, in the next version of metric beat add values"heap_used_in_bytes", "heap_used_percent".
Should I write it to some gitHub task or something else?

Best comment here so we don't foget about it:

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