MetricBeat HTTP Module giving "invalid character '<' looking for beginning of value"

I am using Metricbeat HTTP module to check the availability of Urls. HTTP module working fine when I tested it with localhost:9200 url.
But when I am using any custom URL it is giving me error.
"invalid character '<' looking for beginning of value"

Below Configuration I am using :

  • module: http
    • json
      period: 10s
      hosts: [""]
      namespace: "json_namespace"
      path: "/"
      #body: ""
      method: "GET"
      #username: "elastic"
      #password: "*****"
      #request.enabled: true
      response.enabled: true
      #json.is_array: true
      #dedot.enabled: true

Can you try performing a GET request to your custom URL from the command line using cURL? Please do this from the same host where you would be running Metricbeat. Is the response you get back valid JSON?


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