Metricbeat is not working out-of-the-box

I followed the instructions and setup the metricbeat and Kibana dashboard, all default configurations. But it doesn't show a lot of metrics, please see the screenshot.

Environment: Ubuntu 18.04, installed using deb approach.


Thanks for reaching out. What version of metricbeat are you running on Ubuntu 18.04?


Metricbeat 7.3.2

Did you run ./metricbeat setup before running./metricbeat -e ?

What commands in what order did you run to configure metricbeat?

Perhaps you may have just set up the dashboards without the index templates etc.

hi Stephen, I can't recall the exact steps I did, and the environment was no longer available to reproduce the issue. But since I was able to see the number of processes in the dashboard, I would believe the setup of the index was done properly.

Ok...and actually if the setup is not completed correctly some of the metrics will show while others will not... A lot like your screen shot above. When you get a chance to try again perhaps look at this post / thread it might help explain what might have happened.

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