Metricbeat/K8s connect directly to elasticsearch or logstash what is best practices here?

Hello I'm new to ELK stack and beats technology.
I managed to build and install Elasticseach 3 nodes cluster and kibana on kubernetes in google cloud (GKE)
and plan to use it in production environment.
I installed logstash pod and send logs from my app to logstash
Logstash making parsing and forwarding logs to elasticsearch.
No I want to finish elasticsearch monitoring part.
When I clickin Kibana -> Management -> Stack monitoring there is no data available.
(see attached screenshot)

Just a guide offering to install Metricbeat to get the metrics and cluster status info.
My question is DO I need to connect directly to elasticsearch my metricbeat deployment ?
or should I connect it to Logstash pod ?
I'm confused here ?
Please share your experience.
Thank you.

Elasticsearch itself can provide information about its health so I would say that there is no need to involve Logstash if you just want to monitor ES.

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