Metricbeat Kubernetes Module

My kubernetes node is tls configured. I am tring to use the metricset node, system, pod, container and volume which would be fetched from https://IP_k8s:10255. It gives me logs saying "error making http request: Get https://IP_k8s:10255/stats/summary: http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client"

Hi @sukhada_sankpal369,

Couuld you share the settings you are using for the module? I'm wondering if you put httpsin the hosts field


Node metrics, from kubelet:

  • module: kubernetes
    protocol: https
    enabled: true
    • node
    • system
    • pod
    • container
    • volume
      period: 10s
      in_cluster: true
      hosts: ["https://a.b.c.d:10255"]
      ssl.certificate_authorities: ["ca.pem"]
      ssl.certificate: "abc.pem"
      ssl.key: "abc-key.pem"

I tried using it without https. It was connecting using http.

Uhm, it looks to me like the service doesn't provide HTTPS, you can use http instead, I think that should work.

You can test this by hand, using curl for instance:
$ curl http://ip_k8s:10255/stats/summary
$ curl https://ip_k8s:10255/stats/summary

Which one is correct?

curl command works with https://ip_k8s:10255/stats/summary

What's the output of curl in both cases?

It is working fine with http.
How to check for
- state_node
- state_deployment
- state_replicaset
- state_pod
- state_container
using CURL??

Also, I am not able to see data related to POD and Node

That info comes from kube-state-metrics, you will need to launch this service in kubernetes: (check

then kube-state-metrics host dns should be available within the cluster, so you can use curl against it: curl http://kube-state-metrics:8080

Let me know how it goes

Hey Thanks!! I shall try this and let you know about it.
For now you may close the issue.

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