Metricbeat Logstash output more frequent than YML files specify

Hi All,

I recently installed Metricbeat on a server with just the default System module, and CPU and Memory metricsets enabled.

I set the period in both the metricbeat and system YML files to be 10 seconds, and set the flush and logging periods to 10s as well for completeness.

When I view Logstash it's clear that the entries are coming in much more frequently than I specified in the YML files - they appear to be milliseconds apart. Does the period not set the timeframe that each log entry should cover, or have I missed a piece of configuration?

Do you see just multiple events or multiple events of the same type? CPU, Memory etc. are all different events.

Hi, thanks for the response. Each event is different, and there are only events for the metricsets that I have enabled.

I assumed that setting the period would result in the events being a culmination of the metrics for the period.

I have a 5 second refresh on my Logstash and can see new events coming in each refresh despite a 10 second period in the YMLs

Hi, for maximum clarity, would you mind posting the following here?

  • Your metricbeat.yml file,
  • Your modules.d/system.yml file
  • Your logstash.yml file?
  • Your logstash pipeline (the one using the beats input)



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