Metricbeat metrics collection process and period/aggregation

Hi All,

I'm trying to understand something about the metricbeat metrics collection mechanism.

My question is if I leave my metricbeat configs at defaults i.e. period set to 10s and outputting to local file, ES or LS, how does metricbeat work when it runs, does it look at history data and take the average of the metric or does it actually get a single value right when its time to run the metricsets ?

for example if I look at the raw JSON output of metricbeat are the CPU metrics values i'm seeing for one CPU event based on a specific criteria in the metricbeat design i.e. does it aggregate in the background or uses certain criteria to determine those values.


Metricbeat is collecting and shipping the raw values, as reported by the OS/services it monitors. Right when the metricset is executed. (Almost) No additional aggregations/computations do take place. Aggregations/rates are the computed by Elasticsearch/Kibana on query time.

CPU usage is a little special, as CPU usage us reported in ticks and need to be normalized to a percentage + one needs to know the number of cores. But besides some minimal normalization if required, no additional aggregations are done within metricbeat.

@steffens Thank you! I appreciate your response.

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