Metricbeat metricset in kubernetes module

Hi, all. I'm newby to ES and kibana.
This is the very first time to use ES with k8s-module, but I don't have any clue.
I need any help, please. :frowning:

I'd like to bring the same value as the example below, "resource-quota per namespace in the k8s cluster" and visualize them on the kibana dashboard.

For example,

$ kubectl describe quota -n {user-namespace}

Name: resource-quota
Namespace: {user-namespace}
Resource Used Hard
requests.cpu 400m 4
requests.memory 500Mi 4Gi

Since daemonset cannot be distributed due to resource problems, only the metricbeat deployment will be used.

I collected the value of container cpu requests, aggregated them with id, and then grouped them by namespace.
When the container was regenerated or redistributed, the container id was newly created, and the request of the deleted container was also accumulated, so the exact value could not be obtained.

What is the exact metricset-field name for getting "Used" value of requests.cpu/memory ?
Should the required metricset be included in daemonset...?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @bhblair!

And welcome to the forum!

We have an open issue to add resource quota info, check

As per cpu/memory usage, this is retrieved by the DaemonSet, as it is requested from the local kubelet node. pod and container metricsets get those.

Best regards

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