MetricBeat Microsoft SQL Server Custom Port

We are trying to configure Metricbeat for Microsoft SQL server with custom port 31433. How do we configured mssql.yml file like below. This does not work.
module: mssql
- "transaction_log"
- "performance"
hosts: ["sqlserver://10.x.x.x:31433"]
username : xxxxx
password: xxxx

@Mario_Castro Could you help here please? The format of hosts seems right to me. The only thing I can think of is to try putting username and password into hosts maybe? Like ["sqlserver://user:password@localhost: 31433"]

Hi @Anji_Reddy

Please, can you attach the output metricbeat, for example by running metricbeat -e -d "*". Also, can you detail which version of MS SQL are you using and which version of Metricbeat.

One last thing, do you have any issue by accessing with the system administrator user? In other words, can you confirm that you aren't having a permissions problem?

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