Metricbeat on FreeBSD


I am trying metricbeat - however network & diskio are the only metricsets (from the system module) that is working.

When starting metricbeat with e.g. memory metricset enabled I get the following error:

2016/07/01 13:02:15.128528 beat.go:224: INFO Home path: [/root/work/beats/metricbeat] Config path: [/root/work/beats/metricbeat] Data path: [/root/work/beats/metricbeat/data] Logs path: [/root/work/beats/metricbeat/logs]
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128551 metricbeat.go:32: INFO Register [ModuleFactory:[], MetricSetFactory:[apache/status, mongodb/status, mysql/status, nginx/stubstatus, redis/info, redis/keyspace, system/diskio, system/network, zookeeper/mntr]]
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128569 beat.go:244: INFO Setup Beat: metricbeat; Version: 5.0.0-SNAPSHOT
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128617 output.go:141: INFO Loading template enabled. Reading template file: /root/work/beats/metricbeat/metricbeat.template-es2x.json
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128688 client.go:74: INFO Elasticsearch url:
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128703 outputs.go:88: INFO Activated elasticsearch as output plugin.
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128740 publish.go:292: INFO Publisher name:
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128793 async.go:63: INFO Flush Interval set to: 1s
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128800 async.go:64: INFO Max Bulk Size set to: 50
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128903 beat.go:280: INFO metricbeat cleanup
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128910 metricbeat.go:83: INFO Dumping runtime metrics...
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128922 metricbeat.go:86: INFO cmdline=["./metricbeat","-e","-v","-c","metricbeat.yml"]
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128942 metricbeat.go:86: INFO fetches={}
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128948 metricbeat.go:86: INFO libbeatEsPublishEventsCallCount=0
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128952 metricbeat.go:86: INFO libbeatEsPublishedAndAckedEvents=0
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128956 metricbeat.go:86: INFO libbeatEsPublishedButNotAckedEvents=0
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128960 metricbeat.go:86: INFO libbeatKafkaPublishEventsCallCount=0
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128963 metricbeat.go:86: INFO libbeatKafkaPublishedAndAckedEvents=0
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128967 metricbeat.go:86: INFO libbeatKafkaPublishedButNotAckedEvents=0
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128971 metricbeat.go:86: INFO libbeatLogstashPublishEventsCallCount=0
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128974 metricbeat.go:86: INFO libbeatLogstashPublishedAndAckedEvents=0
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128978 metricbeat.go:86: INFO libbeatLogstashPublishedButNotAckedEvents=0
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128981 metricbeat.go:86: INFO libbeatMessagesDropped=0
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128985 metricbeat.go:86: INFO libbeatMessagesInWorkerQueues=0
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128989 metricbeat.go:86: INFO libbeatPublishedEvents=0
2016/07/01 13:02:15.128995 beat.go:322: CRIT Exiting: 1 error: metricset 'system/memory' is not registered, metricset not found
Exiting: 1 error: metricset 'system/memory' is not registered, metricset not found

I see system/memory being not compiled for freebsd:

With system module depending on go-sigar, I don't know if memory is supported on freebsd. @ruflin, @andrewkroh any idea?

We only recently (3 days ago) merged a pull request adding FreeBSD support to gosigar (the library that provides cpu/memory/filesystem stats). Metricbeat has not yet been updated and tested with the updated gosigar.

Ah, that would explain.

I modified the headers and the modules compiled successfully, but obviously processes and cpu metrics are specific for linux.

Any idea when the updated gosigar will hit metricbeat?


I opened a pull request for it here:

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Just did a test - and everything works!


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