Metricbeat readiness for production, and how to configure the MSI package?

I want to use Metricbeat to instrument one of our services. Firstly, I tried APM, but found we can't use it with custom metrics (our counters, gauges... etc.). So, I'm having a look at Metricbeat, it seems to offer what we need, but I have a couple of questions:

  1. I first tried the Windows ZIP x86_64 package, but had an issue running it (please see my question on Stackoverflow: elasticsearch - Metricbeat exits after a short period of time > "error fetching EC2 Identity Document: operation error ec2imd..." - Stack Overflow)
    that I managed to overcome by using the Windows MSI x86_64 (beta) package, but the problem, how to configure it? in the
    Windows ZIP x86_64 package, I used the commands of Metricbeat.exe, for example: .\metricbeat.exe modules enable prometheus to do the same in Windows MSI x86_64 (beta) I manually removed the disabled flag from the prometheus config file.

  2. Should we not use the beta package in production? since it is the one that worked with me, do we have other options?


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