Metricbeat Requests To Nginx Keep 'Waiting' State

Hey there guys !
I'm encountering a very odd situation with configuring Metricbeat Nginx module.
My Metricbeat requests to the Nginx server stuck on Waiting state on the Nginx.

I've set-up the stub status page :

location /server-status {
stub_status on;
access_log   off;
allow all; 

Set-up the Metricbeat module:

- module: nginx
  metricsets: ["stubstatus"]
  enabled: true
  period: 10s

  # Nginx hosts
  hosts: [""]

  # Path to server status. Default server-status
  server_status_path: "server-status" 

Tried to get the Metricbeat work both from the Nginx server host and from another server,
And unfortunately the Metricbeat requests stuck in 'Waiting' state on my Nginx server :

Active connections: 3

server accepts handled requests

400 400 558

Reading: 0 Writing: 1 Waiting: 2

Thank you guys,
Raz Cohen.


I would point you for reference to the configuration that is used in CI tests of this Module ->

Could you try with something like this in combination with the docs configuration for the module?


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