Metricbeat suddenly stops reporting

I have a weird situation going on

I have a group of windows servers, all running metricbeat (7.10.0) and using the IIS module to monitor IIS statistics.
They all send to a central redis that collects the data, which then gets ingested into elasticsearch

My problem is, they will suddenly and seemingly randomly stop reporting data, the processes are all running and they don't give off any errors. They simply just stop reporting in data.

when the process gets restarted everything works fine

Has anyone run into a problem like this or have any ideas on a solution ?

Can you upgrade to 7.12.1, that'd be the first step to seeing if it's a resolved bug. (I don't know if it is, but that's a good starting point to diagnose things.)

Thanks for the suggestion, we are going to be trying it.

I will report if that had any effect tomorrow or the day after that (it usually takes 12+ hours to stop reporting in)

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