Metricbeat monitoring drops after exactly 1 hour & mbeats randomly stop reporting from Windows Servers

ECE 2.2
Elastic 7.2 (RHEL)
Mbeat 7.2 (On windows servers)

I'm having two issues with metricbeats deployed on our windows servers. The first and primary issue is that some of these beats, setup as a service, will just stop. If I just happen to catch them when theyve been off ill just log into the server and start the service again. No communication problems or anything, they will just connect back up.

The second issue is that I would like to setup monitoring so that I could be notified when the beats stop reporting. The issue there is that while I can get each of the beats to show up in Monitoring they will only display/report for EXACTLY one hour. I've restarted a few of them,set an alarm for one hour later and you can literaly watch them drop out of monitoring. I'm going to edit some of the mbeat settings and change the logging level to see what shows up but for the time being I figured I'd post here to see if anyone else has the same issue.

Hi @Ryan_Downey :slight_smile:

Can you post your Metricbeat configuration? Have you seen something on the logs? It seems quite weird that they stop after one hour exactly and I don't remember to have anything like this in the code.

Which modules are you using? Maybe we can narrow the issue a bit more to see what's going on :slight_smile:

Appreciate the response, I'm currently working on checking our VIP settings. Might be a load balancer issue with continuous routing. Hopefully I will be able to follow up later today with some more specifics and a solution.

@Ryan_Downey @Mario_Castro This is an existing issue in windows metric beats.

Thanks for the link. I'll keep an eye out for 7.2.1 and install that when its released as it seems like that will be designed to fix these issues.

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