Metric beat service turns off automatically in windows sever

I have integrated my windows server using metric beat to ELK. But the services automatically goes to off mode every few minutes.
Please help.


Hi @shiva13!

Could you elaborate more on this please?
What are the services you are referring to run and with what configuration do you run them?


Hi @ChrsMark,
I have installed metric beat on the windows server (endpoint) and configured system module and enabled. I started metric beat service in the server (endpoint) , I could see data in kibana dashboard.

But the metric beat windows service always shows start. When I click restart it does but after few minutes again it will ask for a start. Please find the attached image. Thanks MB

Could you check for logs the service produce?

We need to verify that Metricbeat is able to start with no errors.


Yeah there is an error EVENT ID 7034.


This is not quite helpful, we need to observe the Metricbeat's app logs. Could you configure Metricbeat's logging (see and restart the service? Set the log level to debug. Then please look in the logfile to see the reason and also share it here to find out the solution.


Hi @ChrsMark ,
I haven't done any changes but now the service not going to off mode. Will monitor for few days and update if it recurs. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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