Metricbeat to logstash problem

Instruction provided on the elastic website show how to configure meatricbeats to monitor stack.
My setup however is slightly different. I have metricbeats insalled on VM, it passes logs to logstash and logstash talks to elastic cloud.

How to configure .yml file for metricbeat in this case? Which modules I need to enable in metricbeat and finally do I need to send some API request in order to enable monitoring ?

Hi @farciarz121 I am assuming you have an on-premise elastic stack you want to monitor on an elastic cloud deployment via metricbeat and logstash.

Depending on which part of the stack is installed on the VM, you want to enable the module in addition to the system module(if needed). You can find all modules we support here

This list includes elastic stack components - Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Logstash.

In addition, we also provide out-of-the-box kibana dashboards for most of the modules. those can be loaded (one time) from any metricbeat host, instructions here

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Thanks Key, I have metric beat installed on prem and logstash as well. Kibana and elastic search are on cloud.

I know the recommendation is to have a separate cluster for monitoring but since this is just for testing, I don't mind using same cluster for monitoring.

If I understand right, In this case, if I need to enable module for logstash with
modules enable logstash-xpack

Correct ?

Yes, instructions here Collect Logstash monitoring data with Metricbeat | Logstash Reference [7.13] | Elastic

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Awesome, thank you.

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