MetricBeats data to Elastic Search

I'd like to check, if Metricbeats data is sending data to my Elastic search with out any break. (There might be a scenario server gets restarted)
I have a validation, to check if my server is connected to the Elastic search or not ? and if its connected, how long the beats sending data to ES ? Please let me know.

Thanks in advance !


You might want to have a look at and see the following options:

max_retries: Number of times to retry after which to drop.
flush_interval: The number of sec to wait (This answers your question I suppose).

metricbeat (any beat) checks if elasticsearch is available by doing a plain GET request on http://:9200 (protocol and path are configurable). If the GET request is returned, beats can start sending metrics to elasticsearch. A beat send data to ES, as long as it has some data available... It depends on many factors like indexing time on ES and network how long this will take.

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