Metricbeats only ships node_stats, but not cluster_stats to x-pack monitoring

Hi, I have a 3 master, multiple data node architecture. Metricbeat's elasticsearch-xpack module is configured to ship elasticsearch metrics to a separate monitoring cluster. However, I see only node_stats are sent and no cluster_stats. because fo which, the Kibana monitoring page doesn't show any data.

Below is the elasticsearch-xpack.yml

- module: elasticsearch
    - ccr
    - cluster_stats
    - enrich
    - index
    - index_recovery
    - index_summary
    - ml_job
    - node_stats
    - shard
  period: 10s
  hosts: ["https://{{ELASTICSEARCH_URL}}:9200"]
  username: "elastic"
  xpack.enabled: true


#==========================  Modules configuration ============================
    path: ${path.config}/modules.d/*.yml
    reload.enabled: false
  #==================== Elasticsearch template setting ==========================
    index.number_of_shards: 1
    index.codec: best_compression
  #============================== Kibana =====================================
    host: "{{MONITORING_KIBANA_URL}}:5601"
    protocol: "https"
    username: {{USERNAME}}
    password: {{PASSWORD}}
  #-------------------------- Elasticsearch output ------------------------------
    hosts: ["{{MONITORING_ELASTICSEARCH_URL}}:9200"]
    protocol: "https"
    username: {{USERNAME}}
    password: {{PASSWORD}}
  #================================ Processors =====================================  
    - add_host_metadata: ~
    - add_cloud_metadata: ~
    - add_docker_metadata: ~
    - add_kubernetes_metadata: ~
  #============================== X-Pack Monitoring ===============================
  monitoring.enabled: true
    hosts: ["{{MONITORING_ELASTICSEARCH_URL}}:9200"]
    protocol: "https"
    username: "elastic"
    password: {{PASSWORD}}

I have tested the config and it all looks fine. I have tested output

./metricbeat test output

elasticsearch: https://xxxxx:9200...
parse url... OK
parse host... OK
dns lookup... OK
addresses: x.x.x.x, x.x.x.x
dial up... OK
security: server's certificate chain verification is enabled
handshake... OK
TLS version: TLSv1.3
dial up... OK
talk to server... OK
version: 7.7.0

./metricbeat test modules

The above image says, cluster_stats events are not captured. However, node_stats events are.

From the below debug logs, it looks like metricbeat is detecting the node as a non-master node. However, the node is a master node.

Not sure, why.

On further debugging, found out that the node name returned from the _cluster/state/master_node and _nodes/_local/name are not same. And this is very strange.

Could anyone please help on this?

Any help on this?

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