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Hello everyone, I have a very frustrating problem. Upon looking up my metrics, there is some data that is missing. Sometimes, I have metrics that appear, then disappear suddenly. The thing is, those metrics that are disappearing or not even there, are actually metrics of which I know the data and they are just not showing. I am using several nodes for kiabana, elasicsearch and logstash on docker containers. I am running metricbeat roles monitoring, reader, setup, and writer with the necessary security configuration. Please help, or at least tell me if it is a bug. Thanks in advance.

What version of the stack?

What happens when you try 30 mins or an 1 hour in the time picker?

Did you change any of the default collection settings in the metricbeat system.yml file?

EDIT : FYI I am seeing some odd behavior as well...

Apologies.. Well I think I found it and I think it is a bug / regression...
This is on my 7.16.0 Cluster. ...I have opened a bug here

There is a rather lengthy explanation I will not bore you with but the fix is pretty simple although unfortunate. In short the data should be dropping the last "Partial Bucket" and it is not ...

You can fix this by doing the following steps on each visualization it will take about 1 min or less each.

In short there is a setting wrong in several of the Visualizations.

Select Edit on the Dashboard and we will fix Each of the Viz I have Designated with a Star

(NOTE: You should also do the 4 bar charts at the bottom as well, there is a bit of a odd behavior in one but that is a different nit / issue )

Edit the visualization

In the Visualization select the Panel Options and Drop The Last Bucket Save and Return

Now the metrics should be there and correct This just shows the first two I did

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Thank you so much for your response! However I have one last question I think related to the same bug. Can you confirm it? @stephenb

Yep related and they're working to fix for 7.17 for all of them

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