Metrics don't send after some time to Elasticsearch - Temp. bulk send fail


Few months ago I installed metricbeat in K8S cluster and everything was working fine. All of a sudden after 1-2 months I get error:

Temporary bulk send failure - Drop batch

INFO	[publisher]	pipeline/retry.go:223	  done
INFO	[publisher]	pipeline/retry.go:159	Drop batch
ERROR	[publisher_pipeline_output]	pipeline/output.go:180	failed to publish events: temporary bulk send failure
INFO	[publisher_pipeline_output]	pipeline/output.go:143
INFO	[publisher]	pipeline/retry.go:213	retryer: send wait signal to consumer

Why do I get this error and how can I fix this error without uninstalling everything?

PS: Metricbeat is running on about 40 clusters.

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