MIB conversion of received traps using logstash snmptrap plugin

I want to convert MIBs for traps received using the logstash snmptrap plugin.

Currently, Logstash inputs SNMPTRAP as follows and outputs it to AWS SNS.

SNMPTRAP -> Logstash -> AWS SNS (E-mail)

SNS notifications are sent without any problems, but the message contents remain as OIDs.

How can I display OIDs as object names?

The following is the received message

2024-05-09T06:12:14.579819900Z {ip=172.xx.xx.xx} #<SNMP::SNMPv2_Trap:0x22fa7913 @varbind_list=[#<SNMP::VarBind:0xcec9c44 @name=[], @value=#<SNMP::TimeTicks:0x3002fdc2 @value=1900951>>, #<SNMP::VarBind:0x41c13830 @name=[], @value=[]>, #<SNMP::VarBind:0x4d9fd136 @name=[], @value=#<SNMP::Integer:0x25f97a7d @value=10>>], @request_id=1087879486, @error_index=0, @error_status=0, @source_ip="172.xx.xx.xx">

The Logstash config file is set as follows, and the yaml file is placed in the MIB folder below.

input {
snmptrap {
id => "snmptrap"
type => "snmptrap"
yamlmibdir => "C:\logstash\vendor\bundle\jruby\3.1.0\gems\snmp-1.3.2\data\ruby\snmp\mibs"
community => "public"
host => ""
port => "162"

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.