Migrate dashboards from one instance of Kibana to another

Hello experts,

we have a prod instance of Kibana and have a dashboard which we want to migrate into our local test environment. Is there a way to copy the dashboard or visualizations from one instance of Kibana to another? The schema of the data is same in both the instances.

Witch version of Kibana are you using?


  1. Settings -> Objects -> Export all Discoveries
  2. Settings -> Objects -> Export all Visualizations
  3. Settings -> Objects -> Export all Dashboards
  4. Settings -> Objects -> Import all Discoveries
  5. Settings -> Objects -> Import all Visualizations
  6. Settings -> Objects -> Import all Dashboards
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That only works in Kibana 4 doesn't it. Bit of a nightmare if you are migrating from an older version. We have basically had to start from scratch again.

It was kibana 3.5 - We upgraded everything to 4.1.2 now and then started the migration of dashboards. It is very easy in 4.1 compared to the previous versions.