Migrating 1000's of fields from SOLR to elastic

I am investigating migrating my search solution from SOLR to elastic. However the current SOLR implementation has several thousand fields which are used for aggregations. For example there could be a field 'color_hist' which might contain the values ['red','blue','green'] and another 'size_hist' which might contain the values ['small','medium','large']. These 3000ish fields all have the suffix '_hist' to indicate they are aggregatable. I am trying to create pipeline to detect any field with the suffix '_hist' and merge them in to a single field 'tags' that combines the original fieldname and value. In the above example the desired output would be tags:['color_hist|red','color_hist|blue','color_hist|green','size_hist|small','size_hist|medium','size_hist|large']

any suggestions?

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