Migrating Elasticsearch cluster (elastic.co) to another region


We have an ElasticSearch cluster on ElastiCloud on one region and we want to migrate it to another region.

we saw there are few options of doing so, and one of them which seems to be the easiest was do it using Snapshots.

so i've created the following process:

  • Create GCS snapshot repository on the Source Cluster
  • Create snapshot for the source cluster on the GCS snapshot repo
  • Create GCS snapshot reposirory (read only) on the new Cluster
  • Sync both GCS Buckets (GCP commands)
  • Restore Target cluster from the snapshot which was added to the snapshot repository

now, i've noticed this process should includes the following:

  • Include global state so ILM policies will also be included on the migration (ilm indices)
  • Close all migrated indices before restore

the thing is, although restore completed successfully, i've noticed after restore, all migrated indices switched to yellow (or even red) as they are being unassigned and rellocated to the nodes.
this operation can take a lot of time (20min on our case)

is this the expected behaviour, reassigning all indices?
anything we can do to improve this?


Sounds expected.
If you want to make it faster you could increase the cluster resources during recovery, then scale down.

do you have any idea why sometimes when i'm running this process all migrated indices becomes RED and sometimes Yellow?
what should i expect to see after restore? that all shards being re-assigned to all nodes?


Because when you restore it needs to recover the data.


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