Migrating Elasticsearch data from single node to a Elasticsearch-cluster


I have a single node elasticsearch in kubernetes having pvc storage of 50GB.Elasticsearch version being 6.4.2 .Since Resizing of pvc cannot be done in kubernetes i have created a kubernetes elastic cluster using statefulsets .Is there any way where we can migrate all the indices data in the single node elasticsearch into statefulsets kubernetes cluster?I,ve been running out of space in single node elasticsearch and need a solution for this.

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I think you can do one of the following:

  • build your cluster and have your single node join the cluster then prevent data from being allocated on the single node using allocation deciders
  • snapshot indices to S3 or any other storage and then restore them on the cluster
  • build your cluster and copy the data into on of the nodes data folder with rsync or whatever then start up your cluster and wait for indices to rebalance.

hope this helps. if you pick one and have questions lemme know. Also there might be other options I haven't thought of yet. I also don't know Kubernetes well.

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