Migrating from HLRC 7.17 to Java Client 8.13 - missing PercolateQueryBuilder

I'm testing the migration of the Java api for High Level Rest Client version 7.17 into the new Java API Client 8.3 and I'm having problems finding the equivalent to: org.elasticsearch.percolator.PercolateQueryBuilder;

Looks like this is deja vu, as we had to migrate from an old Java API to the "new" HLRC just a few years ago :frowning:

any help is appreciated, thanks!!

It's at PercolateQuery (java-client 8.3.3 API)

Thank you Sylvain, i was able to find that class. However, it looks like that class is to use with the new 8.3 Client version.

I'm trying to use the transition strategy that says: "keep the existing code as-is and use the new Java API Client for new features in your application, then later migrate the existing code" Is there a way to keep the Percolator builder to work with 7.17?

Thanks again!

UPDATE: I was able to resolve the issue by including the 7.17 version of the percolator library:


Now my code works with the HLRC v7 (including percolator) using a cluster on 8.3.3 version :slight_smile:

Thanks all!

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