Migrating shortened urls


We recently did ELK upgrade from 5.x to 7.x. We had generated some shortened urls in the old cluster. Is there any way to make them work with the new cluster?


Are the shortened URLs broken in 7.x? Could you provide an example URL and the response plus any kibana logs?

Thanks for the response @Nathan_Reese. Yes, they seem to be broken.

example url: http://hostname:5601/goto/2345cd4fda3456a7599e17e6a59f4c7


{"statusCode":500,"error":"Internal Server Error","message":"An internal server error occurred"}

kibana log shows:

{"type":"error","@timestamp":"2019-06-13T15:53:20Z","tags":[],"pid":1,"level":"error","error":{"message":"Saved object [url/2345cd4fda3456a7599e17e6a59f4c7] not found","name":"Error","stack":"Error: Saved object [url/2345cd4fda3456a7599e17e6a59f4c7] not found\n at Object.createGenericNotFoundError (/usr/share/kibana/src/legacy/server/saved_objects/service/lib/errors.js:129:36)\n at SavedObjectsRepository.get (/usr/share/kibana/src/legacy/server/saved_objects/service/lib/repository.js:528:20)"},"url":{"protocol":null,"slashes":null,"auth":null,"host":null,"port":null,"hostname":null,"hash":null,"search":null,"query":{},"pathname":"/goto/2345cd4fda3456a7599e17e6a59f4c7","path":"/goto/2345cd4fda3456a7599e17e6a59f4c7","href":"/goto/2345cd4fda3456a7599e17e6a59f4c7"},"message":"Saved object [url/2345cd4fda3456a7599e17e6a59f4c7] not found"}

Does the saved object used in the short url still exist? Did you use the upgrade assistent to migrate from 5.x to 6.8 and from 6.8 to 7.x?

We didn't use upgrade assistant to upgrade. We directly upgraded from 5.x to 7.0 by reindexing data into new cluster.

And some of the short urls were generated from unsaved objects.

Not using the upgrade assistant is likely causing your problems. The upgrade assistant safely migrates the .kibana index. Saved object formats changes from each major and the .kibana index mapping changed from major to major as Elasticsearch removed types from index.

Does .kibana index holds any information about unsaved short urls? Because the exported saved objects are working fine on the new cluster. But only the problem is, the short urls generated in old cluster aren't working in New cluster.

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