Migration from 0.90.13 to 1.7


We have setup a environment with 5 nodes(3 VM & 2 Cloud) with multiple index in Elastic Search version 0.90.13.

5 Shard with 3 replica

Seven .Net Applications using Nest wrapper pushing data to the Elastic Source to Index periodically everyday.

Now we are planning to migrate our environment from 0.90.13 to 1.7 Elastic Search.

Here I request Experts suggestion and steps to consider to achieve this.


Start here - https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/setup-upgrade.html

Thanks Mark Walkom, this link looks awesome.

Let me go through this to get complete understanding, thanks again for sharing this link.

what is the java version that run es 0.90.13?

Hi Jason_wee,

We are using Java version 6

You cannot run ES 1.7 with Java 6, only 7.

Ok, let me check that again and come back. is there is any command to get it from Marvel Sense ?

Also please let me know one more information regarding migration.

As mentioned we have ES 0.90.13 in 5 nodes and planning to add additional nodes now (before migration from 0.90.13 to 1.7) so in that case what Java version we need to install in the new nodes, Java 7 or the latest version?

To get what from Sense?

The best information you can get is in the docs as I linked to before. Regarding Java, we recommend 8u40 and above.

Thanks, Java Version that installed in the node

Run java -version on the CLI, or curl "0:9200/_cat/nodes?h=n,j&v".

few months ago, i was doing research on upgrading es 0.90.7 to a higher version of es, at that time was 1.5. we had java6 just like your situation running our es cluster 0.90. now if you want ot upgrade to newer es version, you need minimum java7 or better java 8 (underlying lucene requirement) and you need to upgrade java before es. the problem is after java upgrade from 6 to 7, we faced serialization issue in the client reading the data from es cluster. :frowning:

it was really unfortunate and pity in such condition, upgrade is not achieveable. well, if you have success upgrade, please mesage me. :slight_smile: thank you.

Thanks :slight_smile: , also please let me know one thing,

presently we are having ES 0.90.13, if we add new nodes to our cluster, then the shards will be automatically shared across the new nodes ?

Yes, but you cannot do a mixed 0.90.X and 1.X cluster.

Thanks Mark